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    Skin Editor Import?

    Hi Isomorphic

    I've been exploring the Skin Editor using the 12.1 Power Nightly (2020-07-15).

    I can see it is possible to "Export" a customised skin.

    Is it possible to "Import" the zip file created by the export?

    For collaboration between developers it would be ideal if anyone could checkout "our skin", make changes, then commit them to git. As it stands, it looks like we'd probably have to commit the smartclientSDK/WEB-INF/db/hsqldb directory in order to have a repeatable starting point.

    I'm downloading the 13 nightly eval to see whether the import feature exists.

    Many thanks

    We don't plan to add an import feature because there would be no way to handle something like a customized SASS cascade, and there are also security implications. However, you can collaboratively edit a skin: if you sign up for Reify, you can link your developer accounts together and will then be able to use and edit skins, which can be used in Reify apps or exported.

    It doesn't look like you've received an invitation yet, so we'll send one along.


      Thanks - we'll explore Reify.