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    Adding new fonts to skin editor

    I would like to use out own fonts in the skin editor,
    I have searched the forums and the documentation and tried various things (like dumping the fonts into the skin/[SkinName]/fonts folder but have not managed to make the new fonts appear in the list of fonts in the skin editor.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction on this please?

    It’s not currently possible to add new fonts to the skin editor, although that’s an enhancement we have in mind adding.

    You can of course take a skin created in the skin editor and change fonts after exporting it.

    Out of curiosity, which fonts did you want to add?


      Thank you for the quick response - would definitely be a nice enhancement to be able to add out own fonts thru the skin editor - really nice feature you have added and put to good use on our platform.
      We want use the Nunito fonts freely available from Google.