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    Radio group items with border per item

    The radioGroup field type supports clicking outside of the actual circle including on the text for the radioGroupItem.
    I would like to make it more obvious to the user they can click the text by enclosing each option in a border and perhaps a slightly different background color to make each item look more like q button as shown below in a mockup. I have tried various attributes but no luck so far and not found any posts on this.
    Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this wih a simple attribute setting?
    Click image for larger version

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    I was just styling radio group, when I saw your post.

    Create your own CSS class and set it using

    There is also unsupported, undocumented... method getTextBoxCSS (but easier to start) , that you can use like this
    name: "option",
    title: "Radio Group",
    type: "radioGroup",
    useNativeRadioItems: false,
    checkboxItemProperties: {
    getTextBoxCSS: function() {
    return this.Super("getTextBoxCSS", arguments) + ";border:1px black solid";
    valueMap: {
    "option_1": "Option 1",
    "option_2": "Option 2",
    I haven't try with native radio buttons though.

    Best regards,
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      This will break sizing elsewhere in the form, so don't use this approach, use standard CSS styling (just see form docs).