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    12.0p Advanced Fieldpicker questions

    Hi Isomorphic,

    it seems that the Advanced Fieldpicker is not working correctly when reordering columns in combination with Header Spans (v12.0p_2020-09-09), if you add this in the latter:
        useAdvancedFieldPicker: true,
        advancedFieldPickerThreshold: 5,
        fieldPickerFieldProperties: [ "frozen" ],
    This is kind of expected (because reordering columns does not work with header spans), but then IMHO the up/down button should be hidden and the fields should appear in the correct position (where they will be in the ListGrid as well) in the field picker.

    Also, it seems to me that ListGrid.fieldPickerFieldProperties does not have an effect in the 1st unmodified sample. Can you have a look if everything is correct there?

    This is not important to me, I just noticed it.

    Best regards

    We'll look into limiting function in the case of headerSpans. However, as far as ListGrid.fieldPickerFieldProperties, we're not seeing any problem. If you specify properties that don't apply to the field (e.g. "precision" for a text field), they'll be ignored. Note that the fields in the sample are all text fields.


      We've committed some error-checking logic to prohibit reorderings which would break existing HeaderSpans when using the AdvancedFieldPicker. You will be warned and given the title of the offending HeaderSpan, and will need to fix the problem before trying to apply your reordering again. (This will be in the nightly builds dated 2020-09-23 and beyond for SC 12.1 and newer releases.)

      However, in looking into this, we realized that full HeaderSpan support here really needs a new feature. We should:
      • Show the span titles/names in a Tree with the field names, so that you can see the headerSpan relationship and can drag it as a unit if desired
      • Enable/disable the left/right, up/down, top/bottom shuttle buttons as appropriate so making a selection that should not be moveable disables the appropriate buttons.
      • Bad reorderings should be blocked from being dropped (where the selection itself is legal, but not all placements of it.)
      If you'd like to sponsor this feature, please let us know so we can work out the details.
      Last edited by Isomorphic; 22nd Sep 2020, 07:57.


        Hi Isomorphic,

        thanks for looking into this.
        As I wrote in #1, I just noticed it when playing with the Advanced Fieldpicker and then wondering how it might act together with Header Spans.
        We only use Header Spans and so far not Advanced Fieldpicker, so this is not relevant for us.

        Best regards