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    Hover visual glitch with Chrome with 12.1

    Hello, I'm having a visual glitch with hovers on buttons, but it seems that is a general problem.
    To view the glitch you can open the showcase (actually 12.1p build 2021-01-06) and select Grids -> Interaction -> Value hover tips; when you move the mouse over the rows of the column "Government" sometimes (not always) the bottom border of the hover is truncated (see image).

    Click image for larger version

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    It'a a minor glitch, but is more annoying if I go to Calendars -> Simple calendar and move vertically and slowly the mouse over an event: the bottom border of the hover dirties calendars's canvas leaving multiple horizontal tracks.

    I'm using Chrome version 87.0.4280.141, I suppose there is some sort of rounding error when Smartclient computes the hover's height.

    On the latest versions of Firefox the glitch does not manifest.



    Neither problem is reproducible for us on multiple machines.

    You might have non-standard settings in your browser, browser extensions, or you might be using browser zoom in an unsupported way (see the Browser Zoom doc topic in the reference).

    Please try other machines and let us know if you can find a particular configuration the reliably reproduces a problem.

    If you can, please also be more specific about how it sometimes happens: is it reliably the same for a given page load? Or happens for only some content reliably, but not other content? Or just happens on the same page load with the same content every now and then? If it's every now and then, how frequent is it?


      Actually I cannot reproduce the problem at home on Linux or Windows 10.

      Monday I Will try at office on other machines.


        I tried on other computers with Windows 10 and I cannot reproduce the problem.
        On my PC with Firefox and Edge the hovers are correctly displayed.
        I see the glitch on Chrome, Chromium and Brave with zoom level 100%, I tried a fresh install of Chromium with no plugins or extension but the problem persists.
        The problem happens on the same page load with the same content; I think that it depends on the hover's position.
        In the attached video you can see the problem with the calendar event hover.
        When I scroll the calendar the horizontal lines disappear so after all I think the problem is not related to Smartclient but is a rendering error of Chrome on very few machines.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	glitch.gif
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        thanks for your availability and kindness