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    Skin chooser and density chooser and language chooser in the SmartClient showcase 12.0p+

    Hi Isomorphic

    with respect to this
    Originally posted by Isomorphic View Post might want to read the docs for Canvas.resizeControls() and resizeFonts(), which scale the skin-level defaults at runtime. You can see them in action by changing "Density" in the online Showcase.
    I just realized that the skin chooser and the density chooser are both not available in the SmartClient 12.0p/12.1p/13.0d showcases.

    Can you add them there as well? IMHO they are showing some important functionality, especially for the mangement, which might like more modern (less space efficent) GUIs.

    Could you also add a language chooser for the languages with a nearly complete translation? They already work with a URL parameter like here. If you don't want the permutation compilation, perhaps only in SmartClient and not in SmartGWT, but I'd prefer both.

    Best regards


    sorry, they are there if you click a sample, my bad. All good then, apart from the language chooser, which is a good idea.

    Why is the design of SmartClient (only possible to open one sample at a time) and SmartGWT (possible to open multiple sample at a time in a TabSet) showcase different?

    Best regards