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    RichTextEditor in grid pop-up?

    Using Version v12.1p_2021-02-05/LGPL, is it possible to add RichTextEditors in an editable grid, using a pop-up? I've managed to create the editor inline, but it is not really suitable in a grid. I am wondering if there is a pop-up mechanism to edit such a field in an pop-up. And then if the user clicks to another field in the grid, the editing of that cell starts. Something like that. Hopefully anyone can help?

    There's not something like a setting that just turns this on, but it's simple enough: create a subclass of FormItem that just has a FormItemIcon that launches the RichTextEditor in a modal Window. Use ListGrid.setEditValue() to store the value if the user makes changes.


      Thanks for the reply, is there an example that you know of? I'm not sure what I need to implement exactly in that subclass.


        No, there isn't a sample for this specific use case, but what you need to put in the subclass is already described above - that's really all you need.