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    Client only getting 256 characters of text field

    Hi Isomorphic ,
    I have a SQL datasource where I have the below field configured using customSelectExpression.

    <field name="validIds" type="text" customSelectExpression="IFNULL((select GROUP_CONCAT(distinct field_id) from my_table where name='Test'),'')"/>
    The generated query works fine on SQL workbench but on the developer console I only gets the truncated 256 characters. How can I handle this? Thanks in advance.
    Last edited by kamet4u; 12 May 2021, 06:51.

    This doesn't make much sense, as we have no code to truncate the data coming out of JDBC. You could try explicitly setting a larger field.length. Other than that, if you really believe that it's our framework creating the problem, then you should create a test case showing that JDBC access to the value works, but accessing it via our framework does not.


      Isomorphic Thanks for the response. I figured the problem was because of the group_concat_max_len imposed by mysql. I increased the length for the session before executing dsRequest.execute() and the problem is resolved.