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    problem with 13.0 Unable to find setter method for attribute: [version]

    SmartClient 13.0-d20210522 eval version

    Hello, we're finally in the process of buying the 13 version, so I've downloaded the eval version to try it.

    But I've got this error while loading my index.jsp:

    org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /index.jsp (line: [158], column: [4]) Unable to find setter method for attribute: [version]
    it refers to the version attribute of the loadISC tag.
    If I remove it, it complains about the version attribute of the loadAssembly tag.
    If I remove it, then it works.

    We're using Tomcat 8.5, OpenJdk 8, Spring 3.0.5

    well, I see that isc_version=SNAPSHOT_v13.0d_2021-05-22.js is appended to the urls, so it seems fine to omit the version attribute for the loadISC tag.

    But I see that the same versioning is automatically used for the loadAssembly tag. This doesn't make sense to me, I need to use my own versioning for my code. Or am I missing something?


      We've made a change that should fix the tag problem you mentioned in SC 13.0. It should be in today's night builds dated 2021-05-26.


        SmartClient Version: SNAPSHOT_v13.0d_2021-05-26/Enterprise Deployment (built 2021-05-26)

        I can confirm it's fixed, thank you very much