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    Prompt on Field Icon doesn't show (flickers on/off) when moving mouse from text to the icon


    v11.1p_2019-08-17/LGPL, Chrome V90.0.4430.212

    There's a problem with hover text not being shown correctly when moving the mouse (left to right) over a text field which has an icon specified against it. This has been reported by one of our users but the behaviour is evident in the showcase example The showcase example just needs to be modified to add a prompt to the icon :

            width: 200,
            fields : [
                  {name: "severityLevel",
                    title: "Severity Level",
                    wrapTitle: false,
                   editorType: "StaticTextItem",
                   defaultValue: "Severity 2",
                   helpText: "<br><b>Severity 1</b> - Critical problem<br>System is unavailable in production or " +
                                      "is corrupting data, and the error severely impacts the user's operations." +
                                      "<br><br><b>Severity 2</b> - Major problem<br>An important function of the system " +
                                      "is not available in production, and the user's operations are restricted." +
                                      "<br><br><b>Severity 3</b> - Minor problem<br>Inability to use a function of the " +
                                      "system occurs, but it does not seriously affect the user's operations.",
                    icons: [{
                          src: "other/help.png",
                          click: "isc.say(item.helpText)",
                          prompt: "Hello"
    If the mouse is moved over the icon from above, below or from the right then the hover "Hello" displays correctly and stays visible. If the mouse is moved over the icon from the left (ie. over the text first) then the hover "Hello" briefly displays but then disappears. So it doesn't remain visible whilst the mouse pointer is over the icon.

    This behaviour is also evident on the latest version of the showcase, when modified to include a prompt on the icon.