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    Multilink TreeGrid bugs


    I have been testing some multilink treegrid features, but it seems there are some bugs in the mulitlink functionality.
    Connectors are not rendered correctly. In the screenshot you can see that the connector is not drawn correctly for Cheryl Pearson under Gene Porter.
    In addition clicking on the + in front of Olivier Doucet under Gene Porter does not expand the node. Instead it checks for the same x positions as Olivier Doucet under Charles Madigen. This seems to be caused by the fact that you use the node instead of the nodeLocator, which causes it to lookup the wrong value.

    I am using SmartClient Version: v12.1p_2020-08-16/Enterprise Development Only (built 2020-08-16), but this can easily be replicated by extending the Parent Linking example

      ID: "employeeTree",
      multiLinkTree: true,
      data: isc.Tree.create({
        modelType: "parent",
        nameProperty: "Name",
        idField: "EmployeeId",
        multiLinkTree: true,
        parentIdField: "reportsTo",
        data: [
          {EmployeeId:"4", Name:"Charles Madigen"},
          {EmployeeId:"188", Name:"Rogine Leger"},
          {EmployeeId:"189", Name:"Gene Porter"},
          {EmployeeId:"265", Name:"Olivier Doucet"},
          {EmployeeId:"264", Name:"Cheryl Pearson"},
          {EmployeeId:"301", Name:"Bla1"},
          {EmployeeId:"302", Name:"Bla2"}
        linkData: [
          {EmployeeId:"188", reportsTo:"4"},
          {EmployeeId:"189", reportsTo:"4"},
          {EmployeeId:"265", reportsTo:"4"},
          {EmployeeId:"264", reportsTo:"4"},
          {EmployeeId:"265", reportsTo:"189"},
          {EmployeeId:"264", reportsTo:"189"},
          {EmployeeId:"301", reportsTo:"265"},
          {EmployeeId:"302", reportsTo:"265"}
      fields: [
        {name: "Name"}
      // customize appearance
      width: 500,
      height: 400,
      showConnectors: true,
    Just to be sure, since we had a misunderstanding last time: Multilink is documented and as such I assume this is supported?
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    Last edited by dw_qservices; 23 Jun 2021, 06:31.

    Yes, what is supported is what is documented and MultiLink is documented. Thanks for the clear explanation of the (probable) bug and the pointer on what the problem might be.

    But just to also set expectations: you don't have a support contract with us, this is a fairly obscure issue that other customers are unlikely to hit (giving it fairly low priority), and we have a lot going on right now. So it's assigned but we can't give an ETA.


      Thanks for the response.
      I already assumed hardly any customers were actually using the MultiLink functionality, given that the bug would be almost immediately encountered. So I was not expecting it to get any priority. When I posted the bug report, I had already patched it locally, so no rush in fixing it on your side.