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    To implement iOS Swipe like feature on ListGridRecord to trigger DELETE operation

    Hi Isomorphic

    We have a requirement to support a iOS swipe like feature on listgrid to display a REMOVE icon and perform delete operation when clicked.
    Does SmartClient support swipe/drag gesture which can be used to achieve our above requirement.
    Please can you suggest pointers/documents which can help us to proceed with this task.

    Appreciating your help in advance

    Thanks and Regards
    Rakesh Kumar

    There isn't a built-in "swipe" gesture, but you can add drag & drop handlers to detect a swipe motion, which is just a drag to the left or right with no particular drop target.


      Having thought myself of doing it in the past, I recall it would be useful, to make a nice animation, the undocumented grid.body.getTableHTML method. Would it be safe to use?


        It's never safe to call undocumented methods, as they may change, sometimes in subtle ways (eg, maybe returning spacers for unrendered rows would become the default).

        A full documented and safe approach would be to create an identically configured ListGrid, except with no header and only one row of data, and use that for the animation.


          thank you very much for the suggestion!