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    13.0d: Skin editor feedback

    Hi Isomorphic,

    I played around a bit with the online skin editor (ISC_121_BRANCH_2021-08-10_1628560231_jenkins_node1/SKINEDITOR) and think it's a great tool, especially that you can see the effects directly.
    I could not find out how to change $ parameters like $standard_font_size. Is this possible?
    I also like that you can test disabled styling. Would a Density chooser like in the showcase also be an idea here? I think that people otherwise might try to create a "bigger" version of a skin, while this is most likely better done with different resizeControls/resizeFonts values.

    Best regards

    hi Blama

    The 13.0 skin editor does have a density picker, and some other more recent additions, including font-size editing, and fixes for at least some of the reports you went on to add. Unfortunately, though, there's no current online version of the 13.0 SkinEditor for you to have a look at - you'd have to run a Pro or better local version to check that out.

    But yes - as you've noted, there are some bad or missing settings/styles in the 12.1 skins, particularly around disabled styles, some of which entire classes were historically absent.

    We'll go through your follow-up threads on this and likely port fixes for them.