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    12.0p DataBound Timeline sample does not show any events

    Hi Isomorphic.

    this sample (v12.0p_2021-09-05) does not show any events for me (OK in 12.1p/13,0d).
    I assume this is a data issue, as the fetch on load does not return any events. If I create events, they stay over a sample change and back to databoundTimeline, but are removed again after a F5 reload.

    Out of interest: How does the "reset sample DB to start" work when I reload with F5? Is this new? I remember seeing test data from other users before.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	No events.PNG
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    Best regards

    Yes, the events in the 12.0 tasks DS are in 2016 - we've updated the data to that from 12.1 - for tomorrow's builds.

    It's not clear what you mean by "reset sample DB to start", but if you mean the sandboxed tables, those are session-based, so they'd only be reset by logout.


      Hi Isomorphic,

      thanks, that good. W.r.t. the sandboxed tables: May I ask what you use for this?
      Also, it seems not to work correctly for me, here I switch samples twice (OK) and then reload with the reload button (not OK).
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Data not persisted.gif
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      Best regards