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    ListGrid.getGroupTitle for date field displays wrong month (Displays previous month instead of current month)

    SmartClient Version: 'v12.0p_2019-06-12/LGPL Deployment'
    Google Chrome Version: 93.0.4577.82 (Official Build) (x86_64)

    When implementing getGroupTitle for a ListGrid, grouping by date causes the value parameter to be off by one month. It is set to the previous month. For example, the date September 15th, 2021 results in value being 2021_08_15 instead of 2021_09_15.

    Test case is as follows:

    var fields = [{
    name: "DateField",
    title: "Date Field",
    type: "date",
    getGroupTitle: function(value) {
    return value;

    var listGrid = isc.ListGrid.create({
    fields: fields,
    data: [{
    DateField: new Date()

    Group 'DateField' field by date and see the value displays as 2021_08_15.

    It looks like this was fixed at some point, but it is not working in the SmartClient version listed above. Please reference: