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    Number field type is too close to edge

    I have a number type in field but it too close to the edge.
    How can I have some padding to the right edge? The last digit of Throughput is sort of clipped.

    Click image for larger version

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    You didn't post your version or what browser this is, but, there was a workaround for a browser bug that could do this, applied to recent versions (12.1 and up).

    Note this is obviously a browser bug: right-aligned content should not clip at the right edge when there's plenty of space. There's no HTML structure where that should happen.


      You are right this seems to be a browser issue.
      This used to happen in all browsers we support (Firefox, Chrome and IE) but back then we were < v12.1.
      We recently updated to 12.1, now it happens only in Firefox.

      So the question is: how do we fix this in Firefox? Im on latest Firefox ie 93.0


        First, try the latest patched version of 12.1 - or if you already have, tell us the specific version you tried.

        Note that posting the product, version and browser(s) involved is always required with any issue report.


          We have Smartclient v12.1p_2021-03-21.


            OK, please try the latest patched version.


              This is something we can live with. Updating on our side involves effort that isnt worth it.

              But thanks.