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    Insert drag and drop layout in the calendar detail editor

    I must use smartclient javascript version 10.0.

    I have a problem with "Calendar" (

    Can an "HLayout" structure be inserted in the "Event editor" window as shown in the attached image?
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Edit_detail.png
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    I know how to create the "HLyaout" structure with drag and drop functionality, but I don't understand if and how this structure can be inserted in the event editor.
    Do we need to add a particular field in "eventEditorFields"?
    Or change "showEventEditor"?
    None of the two?

    Thanks in advance for the answers.

    You could override showEventEditor() to show a replacement editor with the UI you're interested in, including event-details, and have it call add/updateCalendarEvent(). Or, depending on what your special drag-and-drop UI produces (single value for one field, etc), you could design it as a CanvasItem and then you could use eventEditorFields to show it.

    Your version is very old and you should consider upgrading to a more recent version for any new development.
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      Hi Isomorphic
      Thanks for the answer. I proceed with override showEventEditor.