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    Validation exclamation mark on the right side of text area item

    Hello Isomorphic team :)

    When validation is not passed an exclamation mark is shown on the left side of the item. Is it possible to move/show it to the right?
    Click image for larger version

Name:	validation_error_to_the_right.jpg
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    Kind regards

    There are a few possible styles available - see showErrorSyle.

    We have not included a built-in feature that displays as you seem to want.

    You could still achieve this a few ways, such as creating your own FormItemIcon that only displays when there is an error, or using the "hint" as an error icon, or showing an extra BlurbItem at the end of every row for error display.

    However, honestly, the style you have shown looks OK for a textarea, but when you consider other forms with more items, we think the same style on other FormItems would not look as good. Consider items that already have icons for various functions, and having the error appear amidst those other icons. Some items may have icons, and others not, so an icon at the tail end of the item may be less visible with items that have icons for other functions, and so be not as prominent as desired.

    For this reason, we feel that putting the error at beginning of the item provides the best UE when considering multiple forms in a typical application. And so unless your application consists of just one form with a textarea, it may be better to have a consistent style that works for multiple different forms, as the default does.


      Thank you very much for prompt answer.
      I read about showErrorStyle, and I found precise attribute errorOrientation which did work for me! Very very nice tiny feature.
      I agree that left-side error icon is the best, the most common. I just faced such requirement, just because the user complained that left-side of stacked form items gets misaligned if text area is empty.
      I agree that right-side error icon is only suitable for text area.

      Kind regards


        Excellent! Thanks Jakub for the feedback.