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    Multiple Validation when added in DataSource xml

    I am trying to put a validation on a ListGridField. And, I have added that validation in DataSource.xml file. So when ever I trigger that validation, it appears as multiple time on screen. It started happening after that latest smartGWT update, before that it was working fine.

    For example -

    ListGrid -

    final List<ListGridField> fields = new ArrayList<>();
    final ListGridField rating = new ListGridField("rating");

    DataSource.xml -

    <field name="rating" type="float" precision="12" decimalPrecision="2" format="0.0#'%'" javaClass="java.math.BigDecimal">
    <validator type="floatRange" min="-100" max="100"/>

    So, whenever I try to enter a value less than 100 or more than 100, i get the validation and when ever i hover on that validation, it is shown as multiple times-
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Mutiple Validation.PNG
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Mutiple Validation 2.PNG
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    Not reproducible and this is the only report. Let us know if there is a way to reproduce this.


      To reproduce , just create a list grid and add few fields. Define those fields in your ds.xml files. Add validation on those field like intergerRange, floatRange with max and min value.
      Try to add the data which is outside of your validation range and it will trigger your validation. When you hover on that validation it will show you the same validation multiple times.

      I am using below version in pom.xml-
      1. gwt.version = 2.9.0
      2. smartgwt.version = 13.0-p20220418

      That's all I did.


        There are multiple Showcase examples that do exactly this, and the problem is not happening there.

        Since your team has a long history of reporting really really basic problems that can't be reproduced by anyone else, we won't be looking further unless you can provide a complete, ready-to-run test case.