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    Busy Cursor does not disapear


    The busy cursor as shown by promptStyle: "cursor" sometimes does not disapear after all DS- and RPC-Requests are terminated.

    For testing we removed all showPrompt and promptStyle settings from our sourcecode but the problem was still there:
    The UI blocks sometimes with or without busy-cursor.

    We saw the problem first with 13.0-p20220422 and also with the current build 13.0-p20220617
    13.0-p20220219 is ok, no UI blocking.

    It seems that the problem is related to saved searches:
    Because we don't use isc.ListGrid and isc.TreeGrid directly we could resolve the issue by patching all classes that extend it with
    initSaveSearches: function() { return false; }

    Regards Bruno

    Thanks for the heads up. We are looking into this as a priority issue, but if you are able to share a consistent way to reproduce the problem we'd be very interested to see it.

    In the meantime, rather than overriding the initSaveSearches method, you should be able to just set "listGrid.canSaveSearches" to false.
    If you want to set this globally just call


      Thanks for your reply. We have a consistent way to reporoduce the issue but unfortunately we are not able to strip it down to a standalone example.
      We could share any information that is useful for you e.g. debug logs, rpc traces etc.


        We believe we've now resolved this issue.

        The circumstances in which we were able to reproduce it were very specific and unique, which is probably why we haven't seen many reports of this issue.
        The issue should be fixed in the 13.0 and 13.1 branches going forward (dated June 28 or above).

        If you continue to see the problem please let us know and we'll take another look

        Isomorphic Software