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    Dynamic FormItem Titles

    We have a database table containing field names and what their corresponding field title should be in a DynamicForm. I noticed that there is not a setTitle() on FormItems so I am attempting to override getTitle() to achieve my goals. I am successfully able to override getTitle() to dynamically assign the title as the form is built, however I am having trouble incorporating the logic to assign the title from the database.

    I am setting up the form as follows:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Form.PNG
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    The getCustomFieldLabel() function fetches the record based on the field name passed in:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	getCustomFieldNames.PNG
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    The fieldLabel is assigned correctly in the fetchData() callback function, but I am having a hard time figuring out how I can return that value from the getCustomFieldLabel() function. Since fetchData() is run asynchronously, I am unable to simple return fieldLabel after it executes as the image shows. Is there a way I can access the data returned from fetchData() outside of the callback function? Is there a better way I can accomplish dynamic titles for FormItems?


    Version: v12.1p_2021-06-05/Pro

    No need to do any of this. Just move the "fields" out of the statementFormDefaults block and build the fields inside a function after you've already loaded title information from the server, then only create the statementForm AutoChild at that point.

    Two further notes:

    1. you may want to consider a DynamicDSGenerator instead of this approach - see QuickStart Guide

    2. in general, if a method doesn't not have information about how overriding it would work, don't do so. You will be relying on undocumented behaviors, and your code could break in the future.