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    DateRangeItem and MiniDateRangeItem questions

    Hi Isomorphic,

    looking at the DOM in the Developer Console watch tab, I think that a MiniDateRangeItem shows a DateRangeItem.dateRangeForm on icon click.
    If this is correct could you mention it in the MiniDateRangeItem-docs? If not, it's not clear to me how to customize this form.

    Also, the docs for dateRangeForm say that you can modify it and mention the word "dateRangeProperties". But I can't find this property in the docs. Could you check this?
    What I want to do is to disable an icon change for the calendar icons of the from and to fields (similar to here, as the icons don't change on hover). Could you show code how to archive this?

    This seems to be version unspecific (=12.0p+).

    Thank you & Best regards

    MiniDateRangeItem has an autoChild rangeDialog which contains the autochild DateRangeDialog.dateRange which is a DateRangeItem.

    DateRangeItem has an autoChild dateRangeForm but it's just a DynamicForm instance for the two date editing controls. You want the "fromField" and "toField" autoChildren instead - you can add eg fromFieldProperties.

    With any autoChild, the autoChildNameProperties can always be set. Sometimes there is explicit documentation if we need to give some usage advice, but the capability is always there for any autoChild.


      Hi Isomorphic,

      thanks, I got this working. Also thanks for the advice on autoChildNameProperties. Reading autoChildUsage-docs (which mentions that these possibilities are always there) and looking at my load_skin.js I saw there is also e.g.
      isc.RelativeDateItem.changeDefaults("pickerIconDefaults", {
                  showOver: false, // Changed
      which also helps a lot.

      Thank again & Best regards