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    version 13.0 slow when loading

    Good day,
    I have updated from version 10.1 to 13.0 but the JavaScript is slower than it was on v10.1, particularly when loading listgrids. I have added the dynamic compression in the web.xml(see below)


    I have also add the isomorphic-compression dependency to the pom.xml. Is there anything else that I should be doing to make the system load faster.
    Kind regards

    Hi henkiemaritz,

    I think you might be looking at the wrong point. If you are not on a slow mobile Edge connection, the typical transferred amount of (paging/sliding window) data for a "normal" ListGrid is so low, that compression won't have big effect.
    I'd start with looking at the SQLs issued for your ListGrid and their differences between the versions used and run times if send from your Database tool like Datagrip, Oracle SQL Developer, etc.
    At least for SQL Server there was a serverside framework change for paging/sliding window (queries with startRow, endRow) queries that might have an effect on speed under certain circumstances. I can't find the docs for this change, but see also here if you find that the SQLs generated are different in this regard.

    Best regards