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    edit pending UI: possible enhancement?

    Hello, I just noticed that while editing a grid with autoSaveEdits:false, if I cancel a value, there isn't a visual clue of the pending edit.

    So I've defined a editPendingBaseStyle, but I'm wondering if if could be a possible enhancement to the default which modifies only the style of the text.

    Hi Claudio
    We're not following your suggestion here. By default we do show edit pending styling on grids.
    For example if you go here:
    And modify the grid to be "autoSaveEdits:false", then make a change to a cell value, you'll see the text show up in blue.

    Can you clarify what behavior you're looking for that this doesn't provide?


    You say "... if I cancel a value..." - but if you cancel an edit in a grid [hit escape, for example] the edit values are discarded, so the row just shows the underlying data and wouldn't need any special styling.

    You also mention that you want to "only modify the style of the text". Not sure exactly what you're after here, but there is both editPendingBaseStyle and editPendingCSSText, so you can already apply as much or as little custom styling to a cell with pending edit values as you'd like



      Hi and sorry for not being clear: I mean that if I delete the value, there will be a pending edit (with a null value) but no visual clue.

      For now I've defined an editPendingBaseStyle to add a border color to highlight the pending edit, but I was asking if it would be desirable to have something already defined in the skin.


        Ah - we understand what you're saying
        Yes - modifying the edit pending style yourself to show a border or background color is an appropriate way to handle this at the application level. I'm not sure if we'll be modifying the default but thank you for the suggestion - we'll raise it with the design team

        Isomorphic Software