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    Firestore connection with Alteryx

    I have a requirement to extract data from firebase which is used to build serverless applications.

    Can we connect Firebase no-sql database(Firestore) to ETL tool Alteryx macros, could not find any relevant documentation on the application website.
    Last edited by pavanforza; 15 Nov 2022, 03:53.

    Could you please clarify your question? Are you trying to connect SmartClient to Firebase, Firestore or Alteryx?

    SmartClient can connect to anything, and the available approaches are laid out in our QuickStart Guide, which will then lead into the SmartClient Reference for more details.

    If it's Firestore you plan to connect to, what are you trying to store, and what kind of UI are you planning to present for it?

    Note that in general, NoSQL databases, while great for document storage, are a very poor choice for storage in enterprise business applications, at least for business objects. If you connect a grid to such storage, for example, you have to turn off just about all the search/sort/aggregation/etc features, as NoSQL DBs have extremely limited capabilities in these areas.