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    missing background color in reify

    Hello, while trying the skin editor in
    SmartClient Version: REIFY_DEPLOY_211007_2022-01-29_1643475804_jenkins_node3/VBTEAM Development Only (built 2022-01-29)
    I noticed that I can't find the backGround color of the controlLayout containing the TabSet scroller buttons. Is it actually missing?

    As a side note, is it normal that the version of skin editor is that old? Won't it create problems if I modify a skin and then try to use it with more recent builds of SmartClient?

    Hi claudiobosticco,

    my saying :)
    And Isomorphic said, this will be changed eventually, but so far it did not.

    I also think this would *really* help, also with quickly finding and fixing skin issues.

    Best regards


      hi guys,

      You should be able to set that color with "TabSet Scroller Bgcolor", which should be in the Skin Editor (even that old build) if you filter for "scroller" - under "TabSet Container BgColor".

      Apologies for the lack of updates to the existing SkinEditor - we've had a lot going on for the next release, but we'll refresh it in the New Year.

      All the best for the season!

      Isomorphic Support


        Hi Isomorphic,

        no worries. It's not important for me, I just think it should be addressed.
        Enjoy the holidays & a Happy New Year.

        Best regards


          Hello and a Happy New Year!

          Sorry for not adding a screenshot, I've already tried to change the TabSet Scroller Bgcolor, and the result is:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	2023-01-03 10.25.16.jpg
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Size:	7.8 KB
ID:	269279

          what I can't change is the grey color around the TabSet scroller buttons, which is the background color of the controlLayout containing those buttons.

          As a side note, I just noticed that when the tab picker is in "down" state, the vertical alignment of the arrow changes:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	2023-01-03 10.36.22.jpg
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Size:	1.2 KB
ID:	269280
          Click image for larger version

Name:	2023-01-03 10.37.38.jpg
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Size:	887 Bytes
ID:	269281


            I also noticed this new option while exporting a skin

            Click image for larger version

Name:	2023-01-03 10.51.42.jpg
Views:	87
Size:	19.4 KB
ID:	269286

            actually I see it as a base skin only when exporting in SmartClient_v130p_2022-12-13_Enterprise
            and copying in SmartClient_v130p_2022-12-31_Enterprise, but then it seems as it's really the base skin before my modifications.

            if I export and then copy it in the same SmartClient_v130p_2022-12-31_Enterprise version, I don't see it as a base skin, but maybe it doesn't make sense?
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              Ah - that color is not applied via a CSS style, but is set in the load_skins, via "scrollerDefaults". Looking into it, and as you noted, there are indeed some sizing and layout issues with these scroller and picker icons, aside form the coloring matter - we'll take a look at ironing those out shortly and get back to you.

              We'll also look into the Export as Base skin feature and update here about that too, although this may take a little longer