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    Can grid headers be aligned at the bottom via properties?

    I've tried setting the properties "headerTitleVAlign" and "unspannedHeaderVAlign" to "bottom" so that all headers are align at the bottom of their cell, but it seems to only work for cell that are not part of a header span.

    I managed to fix this by looping over the grid fields in the init() method and setting "valign" to "bottom" (or by setting the property on each individual field), but I was wondering if this behavior should not be settable via the above mentioned properties.

    Thus, the problem is in the spanned headers.

    I use SmartClient 13 with skin Stratus.
    Last edited by wallytax; 17 Jan 2023, 00:05. Reason: Forgot to clarify that the problem is in the spanned headers.

    Thanks for the report - headerTitleVAlign is actually documented as only affecting fields when titles are being rotated.

    However, we do see that this leaves a bit of a hole - we're having a think about it and will update here shortly.


      Great! Thanks in advance.

      I didn't mention that rotated titles part but that indeed was confusing. It works for the unspanned columns, but not for the spanned.

      And when fixing this, check the documentation of the "valign" property of ListGrid fields, because it also mentions the rotated title part, which is not true: setting the individual "valign" property of each field is a good work-around for the current situation.


        We've made ListGrid.headerTitleVAlign apply to all header-titles and tweaked related docs - the default is now null, but if it remains unset and titles are rotated, it will still default to "bottom", as it always did.

        It's not clear if these changes will hit the build-queue in time for today's builds, so you may want to wait for tomorrow's build, dated January 19.