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    Changed color of hovered area in Pie chart


    we have a problem with the hovered area of a Pie chart. See the supplied examples.
    The area gets lightened, when hovered over and the outlines are darkened. We would like to minimize the lighting of the hovered area.
    Is there any possibility to get this done?

    We are using 13.0p but it is also reproducible in the showcases (

    var chartData = [
        {region: "West", product: "Cars", sales: 37},
        {region: "North", product: "Cars", sales: 29},
        {region: "East", product: "Cars", sales: 80},
        {region: "South", product: "Cars", sales: 87},
        {region: "West", product: "Trucks", sales: 23},
        {region: "North", product: "Trucks", sales: 45},
        {region: "East", product: "Trucks", sales: 32},
        {region: "South", product: "Trucks", sales: 67},
        {region: "West", product: "Motorcycles", sales: 12},
        {region: "North", product: "Motorcycles", sales: 4},
        {region: "East", product: "Motorcycles", sales: 23},
        {region: "South", product: "Motorcycles", sales: 45}
        ID: "simpleChart",
        // You use facets to define the ways in which you would like the chart to
        // break down the data. In this case, our data has two dimensions: region and product.
        facets: [{
            id: "region", // the key used for this facet in the data above
            title: "Region" // the user-visible title you want in the chart
            id: "product",
            title: "Product"
        showDataValuesMode: "inHoverOnly",
        data: chartData, // a reference to our data above
        valueProperty: "sales", // the property in our data that is the numerical value to chart
        chartType: "Pie",
        title: "Sales by Product and Region" // a title for the chart as a whole
    Best regards

    The skin property FacetChart.brightenPercent controls the effect in question, and we meant to have already documented it. We will be adding documentation for it in the next nightly build of SC 13.0 and newer branches.


      Thank you! This will work for us.