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    SmartClient Version: v12.1p_2021-06-05/Pro Deployment (built 2021-06-05)

    Hello Isomorphic,

    As we've been building our application with Smartclient we have been discussing caching strategies to best deliver fresh content to our clients when we push a new release.

    With that being said we are wondering if Isomorphic has any resources to help managing caching, or if you have any preference for caching strategies that work best with your product.


    As far as static resource caching (images, CSS, .js, etc), it's all pretty standard. Two things to be sure you're doing:

    1. use FileLoader background loading with a plain HTML login page, as described in the QuickStart Guide

    2. deliver the .js files compressed. This is automatic when using the SmartClient Server

    We would recommend a Google search like " caching" to see other threads on this forum where caching of static resources has been discussed.

    As far as data caching, that's a big topic; we would need some basic information about the data volume, rate of change, consistency requirements, etc to give advice.