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    Scroll bar appearing when not needed.

    Using DynamicForm with titleOrientation: "top" and height: "*" is displaying a vertical scroll bar when it doesn't seem to need one.

    This can be seen in the showcase at:

    If you replace the code with the attached example.

    I want the text area to take up all remaining space, which it does, but it creates a scroll bar for (in the example) 4 pixels. I noticed that if I only have a textArea by itself, it only scrolls 1 pixel. If I have two text and 1 text area, it scrolls by 3 pixels. It seems to be 1 pixel per text/textArea.

    I also tried using 3 dynamic forms in a VLayout for the 2 text and 1 textArea and it still did it. I tried both Chrome and Firefox.

    Is there a way around this?
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    Thanks for the report - we're taking a look and will update here shortly when we have a fix.