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    Blama you should really look at Reify. The ruleScope concept was designed in part so that many different aspects of building a UI become just a matter of specifying criteria, where, as you know, our platform has great visual criteria editing (FilterBuilder for example).

    In Reify, by visually editing criteria, you:

    1) control whether fields are visible, enabled, editable, etc

    2) control workflows, such as deciding whether to enter a dialog to resolve a data collision (duplicate name, for example), based on detecting a collision using criteria applied to a server fetch (that looks for an existing record with the same name)

    3) computer dynamic values for any field value or component property, by using criteria to decide between different possible values, or even between different possible formulas that produce a value

    4) define data validation rules via criteria applied to any part of the record

    .. and so forth.

    The result is that we have a lot of sample apps that no one would believe could be created without code. But they were.

    They don't even have any of those magical XPaths, SQL fragments or JavaScript expressions that you so often see glossed over in other low code products' demos (things you would have needed a programmer to do). In Reify it's truly all achievable by non-developers.

    Also, remember, you can take Reify screens and embed them in larger applications that are hand-coded. So you get all that "no code" power and there is zero tradeoff - you can still build anything you like.


      Hi Isomorphic,

      I definitely will eventually! Really looking forward to it. I just remembered an old mail conversation from 2009(!) I had with you or one of your colleagues or contributors about a possible university project back in the day and was able to find it again.
      It sounds a bit like a very basic version of "Reify for SmartGWT" (but JavaScript is definitely the better choice here ;)

      Best regards

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        Well, this qualifies as "Throwback Thursday" :)

        Just a further note that Reify works with SmartGWT. The output is Component XML, and you can add event handlers written in GWT Java to the loaded screens, dynamically (as with SmartClient):


          Originally posted by Blama View Post
          I just remembered an old mail conversation from 2009(!) I had with you or one of your colleagues or contributors about a possible university project back in the day and was able to find it again.
          Hi Blama, actually, when I discovered SmartClient, I had very little time to evaluate it, and Sanjiv Jivan commitment to it was a great confirmation for me of the goodness of the choice


            That's good to know! We are still working with Sanjiv (who is definitely a rockstar) doing amazing things for pharma giants whose products you use every day!

            It may seem boring stuff, but it matters a lot in terms of the care you receive in hospital.

            That's our overall focus. We build the complicated things that support the modern world, with all of its complexities.


              Originally posted by Isomorphic View Post
              This looks like a potential timing issue in the RuleScope subsystem, which is magnified in the Showcase - outside of the showcase, we see values: { category: "Batteries" } working as expected, and defaultToFirstOption also working as expected. Item.defaultValue seems to only work on occasion. We'll take another look at that part and get back to you.

              Note, though, that we do see values: { category: "Batteries" } on the form working as expected in the Showcases.
              Hello, trying
              SmartClient Version: v13.0p_2023-08-04/Enterprise Deployment (built 2023-08-04)
              outside of the showcase, I see:

              - still a first fetch with null value (don't know if it's avoidable)
              - values: {...} works
              - defaultToFirstOption doesn't work for me
              - defaultValue doesn't work for me (never actually)

              As a side note, I'm testing grid.searchForm, which seems even better for my use case, and it's working, also with defaultToFirstOption/defaultValue/values (requires autoFetchData on the grid).
              And there's no first fetch with null value if I don't provide a default for the form, as in that case I don't use grid.autoFetchData. Really Nice.

              A question: is it supported also by TreeGrids?

              Now I want to try a combination of grid.searchForm and implicitCriteria, for cases where I've got more than one "search form".
              BTW: the searchForm could also be a ValuesManager ?


                Hi Isomorphic,

                after your "Meet Reify 13" mail from yesterday I played around a bit with the online Reify builder (the tours and a bit of nesting stuff in each other) and I must say it is fun!
                Will there be a Reify section here, too?
                Apart from the Reify-SmartClient questions I'd have feedback and more special Reify infrastructure questions, which perhaps would justify a new section here?

                Best regards


                  For anything related to using Reify as a developer, please post here, in either the SmartClient or SmartGWT forums based on which technology you're using.

                  For questions on Reify usage as a non-developer, we are not sure yet whether we will go with a forum per se vs other approaches (like live chat).


                    Hi Isomorphic, maybe it's not the best thread to ask, but I'm doing some little test with the SmartClient AI Assistant, and the question (maybe naive) is: will it be available in Reify, to instruct Reify itself to build UIs ?


                      Yes. You will be able to describe a screen, or a modification to a screen, and the AI will generate the screen and/or modify the existing screen. Nice job seeing that possibility!

                      We're basically putting AI in everything.

                      Would you be interested in getting involved in some way - previewing stuff and giving feedback, something like that? You know the framework quite well so it would be great to get your take on the new capabilities we're adding.

                      Blama, that goes for you too, of course.


                        Well, between all the scenarios I can imagine where AI could be applied, in the context of Reify, it could be a game-changer.

                        I am indeed interested and would love to preview stuff and provide feedback.


                          Hi Isomorphic,

                          I'd also be interested in trying out / giving feedback on the AI feature in Reify. I already have a simple demo application in mind.

                          Best regards