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    Is it possible to change the default font family and size for a RichtTextItem?

    Using the latest SmartClient JS 13.0, I wonder if it is possible to change the default font family and size of a RichtTextItem? I've set these "canvasProperties" for the form item:

      fontSelectorItemProperties: {
        defaultValue: 'arial,helvetica,sans-serif'
      fontSizeSelectorItemProperties: {
        defaultValue: 2
    This sets the drop downs above the editor to the right defaults, but when I start typing text, it's still in the default font (I think Times New Roman) and size (3).

    We use a contentEditable div for rich-text entry, and the default font for contentEditable elements differs by browser - we assume you're using Firefox, since the default there is indeed Times New Roman. In Chrome, it's Arial.

    On your questions - there's no current public way to default these settings, but we're looking at adding one and will update here when we have more information.