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    Portlet sizes become fixed when user manually resizes between Portlets or Layout Columns

    Please access the following example in the latest SmartClient Showcase:

    Refer to attached screenshot: portletResizing-01.png

    STEP 1. Increase the width of Portlet 2 (by dragging to the right on the vertical resize bar between Portlet 2 and Portlet 3).

    STEP 2. Decrease the height of Portlet 1 (by dragging up on the horizontal resize bar between the rows).

    RESULT: Note that the height of Portlet 2 remains fixed and does not stretch to height of the row as expected.

    STEP 3: Now increase the width of Layout Column 1 (by dragging to right on the vertical resize bar between the Layout Columns).

    RESULT: Note that the width of Portlet 1 remains fixed and does not stretch to the width of the Layout Column as expected.

    Tested in: SmartClient versions: 13.0, 12.1, 11.1; Browsers: Chrome 114, Edge 114

    We are currently using SmartClient 11.1 Power Edition (SmartClient_v111p_2020-05-30_PowerEdition)
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    Our customers quite reasonably continue to complain about this bug in our product, and they're not reassured knowing the bug is in the framework software.

    We would appreciate any response, and hope to provide them with a timeline for a fix. Thanks.


      Sorry to hear that you're getting customer complaints. Our records show that your last purchase from us was 7 years ago, and that you were offered support but explicitly declined it.

      As you were told at the time, without a support contract, timelines are not provided. Your issue basically goes into a queue, and can be repeatedly bumped by issues from paying support customers.

      We would recommend purchasing support if this is not the service level that you need.