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    Hi Isomorphic,

    I played around with it, this is amazing. No flashing and no network requests.
    And I just checked, FontAwesome offers their icons in a sprites-svg with named symbols inside as well.

    A really cool feature.

    Best regards


      We briefly tested some output like that from FontAwesome some time ago - one thing we noticed in our quick test with default export options was that it would correctly extract each symbol's styles to a new external css class, and apply the style-name to each symbol - but it always used the same class-name, something like .cls-1. Since some graphics had different combinations of values for fill and stroke, this meant the styles it exported were just clobbering each other in the same .cls-1 class.

      Of course, it seems pretty likely that FontAwesome can export a different class-name for each symbol if you find the right export options.