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    grid.deselectAllRecords triggers a fetch

    SmartClient Version: SNAPSHOT_v13.1d_2023-08-23/AllModules Development Only (built 2023-08-23)
    SmartClient Version: v13.0p_2023-08-23/AllModules Development Only (built 2023-08-23)

    Chrome on MacOS

    Hello, under some circumstances, grid.deselectAllRecords() triggers a fetchData.

    You may try it in the showcase, showcaseApp sample. Please modify the savebtn of the editForm, so that in the saveData callback it calls itemList.deselectAllRecords():

     {name:"savebtn", editorType:"ButtonItem", align:"center",  width:100, colSpan:4, title:"Save Item", click:"editForm.saveData('itemList.deselectAllRecords()')"}
    then edit a record, save it, and in the RPC tab you'll see a fetch after the update.

    hi Claudio,

    The sample in the showcase is actually correct - the itemList has an override of selectionUpdated() which, when there is no selection, refreshes the grid from the selected tree-node.

    However, if you're seeing this misbehavior in some other circumstance, please show a test-case and we'll take a look.
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      I noticed it while I was trying to replicate a strange behaviour in my application, but I was wrong in seeing a bug. Sorry for the bogus report.