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    Show first field only for Multi-sort


    I would like to ask if there is a function that can be show only the first field in the multi-sort without using ListGrid.unsort?

    What I want is like this:
    I have fields namely, 'Item', 'Price', 'Size'

    In the list grid, right click the column, select 'Configure Sort', Select 'Price' column in the Sort level and click Apply.
    Again, in the List grid, right click the column, select 'Configure Sort', and it should be display the 'Item' column and not the 'Price' column which mean 'Item' should be the display value.
    Last edited by Marco123; 25 Sep 2023, 03:26.

    To clarify, in the Multilevel Sort dialog as shown here:

    .. you would like to make it so that if a user has already sorted by a field, the same field is not offered for later levels of sorting, right?

    To be clear, this would be a simplified mode that loses some advanced functionality, because:

    1) in rare cases it can make sense to sort by one field in ascending order, then by another field, then again by the first field but in descending order

    2) this dialog is built with the idea of other kinds of sorts in mind (for example, sorting a numeric column lexically)

    .. so a better behavior would probably be to just not show a field as the default for a second (or later) level of sorting if it has already been chosen - but still allow it to be chosen.

    If you would like to get this change made to the framework, we would recommend the Feature Sponsorship program: