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    Timeline and laneNameField type

    Hello, I had a bit of trouble figuring out why a Timeline was giving me problems, and in the end, I realized I was using an integer field as the laneNameField - but the documentation specifies that it should be a String.
    Would it be possible to log a warning if this error is committed?
    Also, it seems that the problem can be easily resolved by converting the number to a string in the lane declaration.

    So, it seems that I can continue to use the integer field as the laneNameField.

    Is this approach safe, or is it better to use a text field at the datasource level that is actually of type text? Additionally, is it actually safe to use a text value like "1234"?

    Apologies for the delay in responding to this one - it's been assigned and we'll update here once we have feedback.


      hi Claudio,

      We've added a warning in this situation as you requested - you can try it out in tomorrow's builds, dated November 1 or later.

      However, we're going to leave in place the long-standing limitation of using text-based fields, since numeric strings are not considered strictly valid identifiers in JS and internal code now or later may require these values to be valid identifiers.

      On your second question, even if it were ok to use a numeric field here, we would probably still have advised using a second field with the same values and the right type.