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  • claudiobosticco
    SmartClient Version: v13.0p_2023-11-01/Enterprise Deployment (built 2023-11-01)

    I can confirm it's fixed, thank you very much

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  • Isomorphic
    This has been fixed now. Please try your application with tomorrow's 13.0p build - the one dated October 31st - and let us know if you still see any issues.

    Isomorphic Software Support

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  • claudiobosticco
    Also note that in the application where it's working, after checking the "timing" checkbox I have to close and reopen the dev console, otherwise the tree is empty, but after this extra step it works, while in this other application the tree remains empty.

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  • claudiobosticco
    started a topic detailed timing in dev console

    detailed timing in dev console

    SmartClient Version: v13.0p_2023-10-18/Enterprise Deployment (built 2023-10-18)

    Chrome on MacOS

    Hello, I've got an application where I use the timing tab in the developer console, now I've tried to use it in another application but I don't see the tree with the detail:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2023-10-27 13.30.32.jpg
Views:	80
Size:	50.2 KB
ID:	271234

    even if there is the timing section in the responses. In the chrome console of the dev console window I see this js error:

    ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2023-10-18.js:331 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'rpcs')
        at _3.updateTransactionRecord (<anonymous>:150:942)
        at (ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2023-10-18.js:2935:114)
        at _3.handlePacket (ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2023-10-18.js:2925:208)
        at _3.packetReceived (ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2023-10-18.js:2927:164)
        at _3.receive (ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2023-10-18.js:2915:80)
        at _3.isc_c_Class_fireCallback [as fireCallback] (ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2023-10-18.js:331:252)
        at _3.isc_c_Timer__fireTimeout [as $in] (ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2023-10-18.js:2170:6)
        at ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2023-10-18.js:2165:40
    any hints? What might be missing?
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