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    Cypress: locator and accented vowels

    Hello, I just noticed that in the locator generated by the AutoTest system, an accented vowel (which I've got in a field of a grid) like '' is encoded as %C3%A0.

    Unfortunately, the cy.getSC() method fails with this encoded vowel. If I replace its encoding with the actual character, then the test succeed.

    Is it a Cypress problem? Or something that you may fix in the locator generation or in the Cypress integration commands?

    Thanks for the notification Claudio.
    The short answer is that this should work - SmartClient encodes special characters in locators and should also decode them, and we're not aware of a problem where Cypress would interfere with this.
    This is an area that has recently had some changes, so we'd definitely recommend you try the latest nightly build if you haven't already.

    Let us know if that doesn't resolve it and we'll assign it for investigation.


      SNAPSHOT_v13.1d_2023-11-17/Enterprise Deployment

      Hello, actually the latest build seems to work, thank you very much!