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    Warning 'Native browser-level scrolling hasn't been properly disabled by hiding document body overflow'...

    Running my client-side app using the (fabulous) latest version of SmartClient I get the warning: "Native browser-level scrolling hasn't been properly disabled by hiding document body overflow. This makes flickering of framework scrollbars more likely, especially when zoomed. See 'Disabling Browser-level Scrolling' in the 'Browser Zoom' help topic."

    I have googled over 10 minutes to find this document but could not. Could someone point me to how to access these instructions to ensure my app will not flicker when zoomed in?

    Thanks for the incredible work Isomorphic!


    Thanks for the kind words about the new SmartClient. Much more is coming!

    Remember that the SmartClient Reference is searchable. So just search for "browser zoom" and the overview mentioned is the first hit, then scroll down and you'll find the section on disabling browser-level scrolling:

    If you prefer Google as your first search, note that if you Google "smartclient browser zoom" you'll hit the SmartGWT version of the same doc. Once you've hit that, you know there is corresponding content in the SmartClient Reference, so you can do a very targeted search (not necessary here, but useful in other circumstances).

    Finally, note that ChatGPT is very good at answering questions about SmartClient (although not this one - we checked). It's particularly good at coming up with overall approaches. Just make sure you check the final details against our actual docs before you take its advice, because ChatGPT can hallucinate.