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    Customizing the RowEditor in Isomorphic's SmartGWT - Emmanuel Katto Uganda

    Hello Everyone, I am Emmanuel Katto from Uganda. I'm building a complex web application using SmartClient and Isomorphic's SmartGWT, and I'm having trouble customizing the RowEditor in my grid. I've successfully implemented the RowEditor to allow users to edit data in a grid, but I'd like to add some additional functionality to make it more user-friendly.

    Specifically, I'd like to add a button to the RowEditor that allows users to perform an action when they click on it. This action would be triggered by a custom event, and would involve updating other parts of the application.

    I've tried searching the documentation and scouring the forums, but I couldn't find any examples or tutorials that demonstrate how to customize the RowEditor in this way. Has anyone else had success with this, or can someone point me in the right direction?

    Here is the sample code to show what I'm trying to achieve:

    Grid grid = new Grid();
    grid.setEditorType(new MyRowEditor());

    public class MyRowEditor extends RowEditor {
    public void onCellEdited(CellEditorEvent event) {
    // Update other parts of the app
    // ...

    public Widget getCustomWidget() {
    return new Button("Perform Action");

    Can anyone provide guidance on how to wire up the custom button to trigger the desired event? Are there any specific events or methods that need to be overridden or implemented?

    Emmanuel Katto

    Hello Emmanuel,

    RowEditor is not a SmartGWT class. Nor is a class called "Grid" (our data grid component is ListGrid).

    You may have posted on the wrong forum?

    Just a note that if you actually switch to SmartGWT, the problem you're currently trying to solve is likely already solved - you just enable editing in the grid and you are done.