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    Tour on handset device

    Hello, I noticed that the Tour is not usable on handset devices, as I could expect due to the limited screen space.
    I'm not sure what your plans are regarding this (you might even decide to disable it), but I was thinking of offering a small Tour-like feature to explain to users how to "add to homescreen" an application.
    Do you think it makes sense to use the Tour for this, or is it a bad idea? It seems that including images isn't possible, is that correct?

    The Tour system should work on a tablet, however, on a handset, there isn't really enough room for the Tour system to operate in a way similar to how it does now: you couldn't use a typical Window appearance for the tour steps, and the app developer building the Tour would have to think rather differently about the design of it, since they would have space for very, very few words without occluding the UI they are trying to explain.

    So, a handset mode for the Tour system would probably look like having two possible modes for each tour step: a fullscreen mode (to maximize text) and a "mini" mode that, instead of a window, would use something more like the appearance of a hover with a pointer attached.

    If this is interesting to you (or anything) it could be done as a Feature Sponsorship, and probably isn't that large - a lot of it would just be docs around explaining how to make your Tour in such a way that it's actually functional on a handset-sized device.