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    Header Spans disappearing after List grid is rendered

    SmartClient : Smartclient v8.2p_2012-06-07 - Power Edition

    Browser : IE 9

    We have a list grid as part of the tab set in the second tab. By default on page load the first tab is displayed , after that if we click the second tab the list grid is displayed but after few seconds(3-4) the header spans and the header span titles disappear.

    The row for the header spans remain.

    We have not seen this problem.
    Firstly - can you reproduce this with the latest patched build?

    If you are doing active development we recommend you move from 8.2 to 8.3 (or even 9.0 which is in final stages of testing before being officially released).

    If this is not an option for you, you should still test against the latest nightly from the 8.2p branch.

    These builds are available here.

    If you are still seeing this problem with the latest nightly build, please show us how to reproduce it, ideally by putting together a small standalone test case we can run on our end which reproduces the problem

    Isomorphic Software