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    Window's left and right edges not rendered when viewing withing an embedded browser.

    SmartClient : Smartclient v8.2p_2012-06-07 - Power Edition

    Browser : IE 9

    Hi, we have an application1 with multiple windows as popups which when viewed in IE are rendered fine.

    We have an other swing application with an embedded browser which has an IE as the browser and the version same as the version on the PC. When the popup windows of application1 are viewed in the embedded browser we see the left and right edges of all the popups are not rendered. We also noticed this for other components like isc.ask,isc.say.

    Please view the attachments for the issue we are facing.
    Attached Files

    Do you plan to post more information? We obviously can't do anything with what you've posted so far.


      These are the properties that we have for the popup window

      width: 380,
      height: 590,
      autoCenter: true,
      isModal: true,
      showModalMask: true,
      autoDraw: false,
      showResizeBar: false,
      bodyColor : '#339999',
      title : "popup",
      headerControls : ["headerLabel"]

      for the windows like isc.ask, isc.say we did not override any properties. Following is an example and we are seeing the issue for all such windows.

      isc.say("Please fill out all required fields.");

      We would like to find out if there is any global property which is affecting the behavior of the edges (height of the edges) when we view in the regular browser vs viewing in the embedded browser ?


        No, there's no "global property" of that kind. We don't have any information about what this embedded browser is, but clearly it behaves slightly differently from normal IE. If this cosmetic issue is the worst issue you're seeing, we'd recommend just turning off image-based edges.