Basic Resources

NOTE: many links below connect to the Smart GWT FAQ when the answer is the same for SmartClient or for Smart GWT.
When reading an item in the Smart GWT FAQ, simply translate "Smart GWT" to SmartClient, and ignore any references to GWT,
<inherits> tags, or "Development Mode" vs "Compiled Mode" (SmartClient is effectively always in Compiled Mode).

For any answers that link to Smart GWT JavaDoc, the same content is in the SmartClient Reference - just use search to find it.

Troubleshooting / Common Issues

Getting Support

Architecture Planning

  • I installed a new version but I'm still getting an error that my evaluation is expired
  • I installed a new version that is supposed to have a fix or new feature, but it's still not working

    Be sure you have followed the installation instructions when installing the new version.

    If you still get the error, you have stale copies of the SmartClient runtime files (ISC_Core.js et al) somewhere
    in your project, or your IDE has failed to refresh the deployment directory. Use the "Net" panel in Firebug to look at
    the JavaScript files actually being delivered to the browser (ISC_Core.js) et al. At the top of the file, the build date
    is shown. Having confirmed you have stale JavaScript files, use a filesystem search to see where they are coming
    from, and wipe them out.

    If you discover that your IDE is mysteriously restoring stale files even after you've corrected everything, restarting the
    IDE may fix the problem. For Eclipse / MyEclipse, certain types of staleness can be fixed by switching to a different
    JDK (in the Eclipse Properties, under Java) and then switching back (yes, really, this works). If all else fails, reinstall
    the IDE and rebuild your project from scratch.

  • (Pro Edition or better) I'm getting a warning dialog about not having the SC Server

    You are loading the LGPL version of the SmartClient runtime (files named ISC_{module}.js such as ISC_Core.js) and trying
    to use features from Pro, such as Excel export.

    If you downloaded Pro Edition or better, this means you still have a copy of the LGPL runtime somewhere, and you're still
    loading it. If it's not obvious where the stale files are, see the previous FAQ for some tips.

  • How should I approach mobile development?

    Generally speaking, SmartClient applications just work on mobile and touch devices without any special additional work,
    however, please read this overview to understand how this is achieved, as well as some ways you can tune your
    applications for mobile.

    In some cases, it can make sense to build a dedicated, very simplified version of your application for use on handset-sized
    devices. For this, we recommend

  • Which is more actively developed - SmartClient or Smart GWT?

    This is actually a senseless question, because a single development effort produces both products. Smart GWT is just a way of
    using SmartClient through GWT - the two products have the same server runtime, client runtime, and documentation sets,
    and features are added to Smart GWT as an automatic consequence of adding them to SmartClient.

  • I'm getting spurious JavaScript validation errors from the SmartClient Framework in Eclipse

    In Eclipse, you may find that you're getting a bunch of spurious validation errors from the SmartClient Framework JavaScript code.
    This can be distracting and slow down interactions with Eclipse. If you encounter this problem, you can try to apply the following
    fixes (verified in Eclipse 4.3 "Kepler"):
    • For each affected project, in Properties => JavaScript => Include Path => Source, exclude the SmartClient Framework files
      that are triggering the errors.
    • If errors are still being reported, you can switch off validation entirely:
      • In Window => Preferences => JavaScript => Validator => Errors/Warnings, uncheck "Enable JavaScript Semantic Validation".
      • For each affected project, in Properties => Builders, uncheck "JavaScript Validator" underneath where it says
        "Configure the builders for the project," and make sure that the "Enable project-specific settings" checkboxes are
        unchecked at both levels (second one in parens): Properties => JavaScript => Validation (=> Errors/Warnings).

    A more in-depth discussion can be found at