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    IE11 error Message

    Smartclient version:
    SC_SNAPSHOT-2012-02-08_v8.2p/Pro Deployment.
    Browser :IE 11

    The IE 11 browser shows the following error message in debug mode:
    "Das Objekt unterstützt die Eigenschaft Methode nicht: 'createNSResolver'" translated in english: "the object does not support property or method 'createNSResolver'"
    in ISC_CORE.js
    Thanks and kind regards

    You need to move to at least 8.3 (if not 9.0). At that point, if you are still reproducing an error, please let us know how it can be reproduced.


      Note also that the HTML5 DOCTYPE is required for IE9 and above (see FAQ). But a move to 8.3 or later is also required even with the DOCTYPE correctly set.


        Hy, i'have same problem using
        * Smart GWT 4.0 / SmartClient 9.0
        * Smart GWT 4.1 / SmartClient 9.1

        And adding the HTML5 DOCTYPE : "<!DOCTYPE html>", not resolve the problem with IE11 with F12 console.
        That always explain : "the object does not support property or method 'createNSResolver'" :
        (With Smart GWT 4.0 / SmartClient 9.0)
        SCRIPT438: L’objet ne gère pas la propriété ou la méthode « createNSResolver »
        Fichier : ISC_Core.js, ligne : 242, colonne : 115
        Line 242 :
        var _11;if(!_5||isc.Log.supportsOnError){_11=_7.apply(_4,_3)}else{try{_11=_7.apply(_4,_3)}catch(e){isc.Log.$am(e);throw e;}}


          Please try the latest patched builds (see and remember to always post your *full* version number.

          If the problem still persists, please indicate how it can be reproduced.


            IE 11 issue

            We are getting the same error after testing in IE 11.

            LGPL version - SmartGWT 4.0

            THis is the stack trace.

            The grid and components which gets an XML response back from the server stops working with this error

            19:43:02.216:XRP0:WARN:Log:TypeError: Object doesn't support property or method 'createNSResolver'
            Stack from error.stack:
            unnamed() @
            at isc_c_XMLTools__selectNodes ( at isc_c_XMLTools__selectNodes () @
            at isc_c_XMLTools_selectNodes ( at isc_c_XMLTools_selectNodes () @
            at selectNodes ( at selectNodes () @
            at isc_c_XMLTools_selectNodes ( at isc_c_XMLTools_selectNodes () @
            at isc_DataSource_selectRecordElements ( at isc_DataSource_selectRecordElements () @
            at isc_DataSource_selectRecords ( at isc_DataSource_selectRecords () @
            at isc_DataSource_dsResponseFromXML ( at isc_DataSource_dsResponseFromXML () @
            at isc_DataSource__handleXMLReply ( at isc_DataSource__handleXMLReply () @
            at isc_c_Class_fireCallback ( at isc_c_Class_fireCallback () @
            at isc_c_XMLTools__getXMLResponseReply ( at isc_c_XMLTools__getXMLResponseReply () @


              See previous posts - use latest build, post *full* version number (4.0 is not a full version number).