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  • IE11 error Message

    Smartclient version:
    SC_SNAPSHOT-2012-02-08_v8.2p/Pro Deployment.
    Browser :IE 11

    The IE 11 browser shows the following error message in debug mode:
    "Das Objekt unterstützt die Eigenschaft Methode nicht: 'createNSResolver'" translated in english: "the object does not support property or method 'createNSResolver'"
    in ISC_CORE.js
    Thanks and kind regards

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    You need to move to at least 8.3 (if not 9.0). At that point, if you are still reproducing an error, please let us know how it can be reproduced.


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      Note also that the HTML5 DOCTYPE is required for IE9 and above (see FAQ). But a move to 8.3 or later is also required even with the DOCTYPE correctly set.


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        Hy, i'have same problem using
        * Smart GWT 4.0 / SmartClient 9.0
        * Smart GWT 4.1 / SmartClient 9.1

        And adding the HTML5 DOCTYPE : "<!DOCTYPE html>", not resolve the problem with IE11 with F12 console.
        That always explain : "the object does not support property or method 'createNSResolver'" :
        (With Smart GWT 4.0 / SmartClient 9.0)
        SCRIPT438: L’objet ne gère pas la propriété ou la méthode « createNSResolver »
        Fichier : ISC_Core.js, ligne : 242, colonne : 115
        Line 242 :
        var _11;if(!_5||isc.Log.supportsOnError){_11=_7.apply(_4,_3)}else{try{_11=_7.apply(_4,_3)}catch(e){isc.Log.$am(e);throw e;}}


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          Please try the latest patched builds (see and remember to always post your *full* version number.

          If the problem still persists, please indicate how it can be reproduced.


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            IE 11 issue

            We are getting the same error after testing in IE 11.

            LGPL version - SmartGWT 4.0

            THis is the stack trace.

            The grid and components which gets an XML response back from the server stops working with this error

            19:43:02.216:XRP0:WARN:Log:TypeError: Object doesn't support property or method 'createNSResolver'
            Stack from error.stack:
            unnamed() @
            at isc_c_XMLTools__selectNodes ( at isc_c_XMLTools__selectNodes () @
            at isc_c_XMLTools_selectNodes ( at isc_c_XMLTools_selectNodes () @
            at selectNodes ( at selectNodes () @
            at isc_c_XMLTools_selectNodes ( at isc_c_XMLTools_selectNodes () @
            at isc_DataSource_selectRecordElements ( at isc_DataSource_selectRecordElements () @
            at isc_DataSource_selectRecords ( at isc_DataSource_selectRecords () @
            at isc_DataSource_dsResponseFromXML ( at isc_DataSource_dsResponseFromXML () @
            at isc_DataSource__handleXMLReply ( at isc_DataSource__handleXMLReply () @
            at isc_c_Class_fireCallback ( at isc_c_Class_fireCallback () @
            at isc_c_XMLTools__getXMLResponseReply ( at isc_c_XMLTools__getXMLResponseReply () @


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              See previous posts - use latest build, post *full* version number (4.0 is not a full version number).