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    Context menu in lanes

    Hello this is my first post to the forum, i'm using "v10.0d_2014-02-13/LGPL Deployment" and i'm looking for a feature to right click in a lane (not the header) and have a option to create calendar events from there using the current lane and the time that has been right clicked

    so in this image if i click right next to 12:00 PM in the Adam's lane i want to have a context menu with only an option that launches a popup and from that popup i want to be able to know what lane and time was right clicked.
    I currently have this working with the lane header only identifying the lane i'm at.

    thanks in advance!.

    The CalendarView class, in this case the "dayView" autoChild of Calendar, is a subclass of ListGrid, which supports showCellContextMenus and cellContextClick().

    You can use getDateFromPoint() and getLanefromPoint() to get the date and the lane at a given point, and calling these with no params uses the current mouse-location as the point - see the doc for those methods.

        dayViewProperties: {
            showCellContextMenus: true,
            cellContextClick : function (record, rowNum, colNum) {
                var date = this.calendar.getDateFromPoint();
                var lane = this.calendar.getLaneFromPoint();
                isc.say("date: " + date + "<br> lane: " +;
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      Thanks that was exactly what i need.

      I also used makeCellContextItems to create the options.



        I stumbled upon this post because I discovered makeCellContextItems in the Chrome DevTools and thought that it might provide an easy way to extend the built-in context menu for ListGrids. However, I don't know how to use it as there is no documentation on makeCellcontextItems (at least not in the online reference). Is this a supported method? If so, can it be added to the documentation?


          That's an internal method and shouldn't be used or overridden directly.

          However, as of builds dated November 8 and later, you can use new API ListGrid.getCellContextMenuItems(record, rowNum, colNum), which should return an array of menuItem object-properties, and can access the default list of items by calling Super() - see the doc for this method in tomorrow's builds.


            Got the latest 12.1 version and getCellContextMenuItems seems to be working. Thanks.