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  • How to push data from server?

    I have a need to push/stream data from the server to the client running in the browser. I've looked at various options like comet, websockets etc. I would like to use websockets but I could not find relevant information on how to use websockets with SmartGWT.

    What is your recommendation for implementing server push with SmartGWT. I'm using SmaertGWT pro 4.0p-20140428.

    Does isomorphic provide API/library I can use for websockets?


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    Yes, we provide a Real-time Messaging module, with pricing and features described here.

    The Messaging module uses a variety of different data delivery approaches according to the capabilities and bugs in each browser. This includes both Comet and SSE, but not WebSockets, which is actually worse for subtle reasons.


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      Thanks for your quick response. I was wondering why you think websockets are worse. Can you please elaborate?
      SSE is good if the data from the server is read only and user does not interact with the data. In our case user can interact with the data.

      In the following old post dated 27th Aug 2012, 12:28 you (Isomorphic) says

      Isomorphic - Note that the plan is to switch to WebSockets once it's more widely implemented by browsers and servlets 3.0 has become more common.

      This will not require an API change - it will be just an engine change with the APIs the same.

      This has relatively low value right now because the browsers where it might provide the most benefit (older IE) are of course the browsers that do not implement it.

      Here's the post -


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        What we said previously continues to be the case, but we would further add, because WebSockets has issues going through proxies, it may be a very long time before it makes sense to use WebSockets in an uncontrolled deployment.

        Regardless of the server-to-client data delivery mechanism used, with our Real-Time Messaging solution, you use DataSources and/or RPCManager for client-to-server communication.