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    Combobox creating iFrame on Chrome

    1. v9.1p_2014-07-13/Pro Deployment (built 2014-07-13)

    2. Chrome - 35.0.1916.153 m

    Problem Statement: The code in example
    has a dynamic form with combobox as its editor type. The combobox leaves the following iFrame
    <div id="isc_4Y" eventproxy="isc_BackMask_0" class="normal" style="position: absolute; left: 365px; top: 530px; width: 146px; height: 114px; z-index: 800322; overflow: hidden; visibility: hidden; cursor: default; -webkit-margin-before-collapse: collapse; -webkit-margin-after-collapse: collapse;" onscroll="return isc_BackMask_0.$lh()" role="presentation">
     <iframe width="100%" height="100%" border="0" frameborder="0"   src="about:blank" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" tabindex="-1" tabstop="false">
    I am facing some similar issue in the production code where the iFrame burns through (i am guessing) and making the components beneath not "right clickable" for the desired context menu.

    I was going through topic discussed in
    and was wondering if the there is still an issue with chrome.
    I see the iFrame still been created in IE11 but is not allowed to burn through. In FF i don't see the iFrame created at all.

    Can you clarify "leaves"? Are you saying this iframe remains behind when the pickList is hidden? If so, this is abnormal - are you seeing JavaScript errors or similar problems?


      Originally posted by Isomorphic View Post
      Are you saying this iframe remains behind when the pickList is hidden?
      That is exactly what i mean.

      Although I don't see any errors.

      For further investigation I have attached the screen shot of one of the smartclients comboboxes live examples.
      Attached Files
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        The IFrame in question is actually set to have visibility:hidden when the pick-list drop down is hidden, and we're not aware of a problem in standard Chrome with this hidden element interfering with events. However we have seen similar problems in Chrome running on Android and in Firefox, so we've made a theoretical change to address this issue in the 9.1 branch.
        Please try the next nightly build (July 18 or above). If the problem persists, please let us know and show us a way to reproduce (we'll need to actually see user-visible bad behavior rather than just a description / screenshot).

        Thanks and Regards
        Isomorphic Software


          Thanks for the update! the theoretical change seem to have fixed the issue