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    Added request parameter on form submit

    I have a situation where I want to add a request parameter upon form submittal. It's not really a data source field and it's only necessary if I instantiate the form instance with a certain property value. I now override DynamicForm.submit and add the parameter myself. This works, but I need to do this as well when multiple forms are combined via a ValuesManager as well. When I override the submit method of ValuesManager it doesn't seem to work.

    My real problem is that I have problems submitting a ValuesManager correctly, but for now it's too complicated to create a stand-alone example.

    Are there any known issues with value manager and submit override?

    I finally figured out why I have problems submitting the Value Manager: there's a field in my data source that is required but it isn't in the form. I will open a separate thread for a question about this.


      I have solved this specific issue differently, so consider this thread answered.